Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors required in all rented houses – not just HMOs – from 1st October

Canterbury City Council – if aware of any noncompliant rented homes, has new powers to issue landlords with a remedial notice granting 28 days to comply – or face prosecution!

Why not go a step further?  Fit a gas detector at the same time.  Go even further and have both detectors mains wired –  minimise risking noncompliance due to defective ‘battery-only’ detectors.

Whilst some landlords may view this measure as an additional financial burden, a tenant’s safety is paramount – to say nothing of a landlord’s liberty!    Dr Victoria Martindale received a suspended prison sentence following the avoidable death of her tenant, from CO poisoning.  Following this case a couple of years ago, it was apparent that the cost of detectors was ludicrously irrelevant.  Fitting not only CO detectors but Gas Detectors too, became my mission, vindicated by this new law.

Bob Leydon MARLA

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