Canterbury Landlords Forum: An Example To Follow

Landlords and letting agents in Canterbury are putting their individual business and competitive interests aside to work together to tackle the noise, nuisance and rubbish issues in the area.

The group, open to all members of the community, consists of many local landlords and agents. Organised by the Canterbury Landlords Forum, the group exists to combat residential issues in the area by practical means instead of local Government interventions, such as Article 4 Directions and Additional or Selective Licensing.

After the success of the forum’s City Clean-up on the 30th May, landlords and agents are again gathering today (28th June) at Ulcomber Gardens to tidy the streets in the surrounding areas. The clean-up is to occur regularly to cover the whole of Canterbury and demonstrates the landlords’ concern for their area.

Interestingly, today’s clean up coincides with an announcement from Canterbury City Council that recommends that the plans for Article 4 Directives are abandoned for now. According the Council, the Canterbury Landlords Forum’s proactive approach has influenced the decision and the forum is now on trial as an alternative solution to the proposed Directives. This is a great success for all involved and should be viewed as a model for other areas threatened with local Government interventions.

However, the decision comes with a caveat, if the forum is not successful, Canterbury City Council will continue with its plans to go ahead with Article 4 Directions.

As part of the last clean-up, which covered areas including North Holmes Road, College Road, St Martins Road area and Pretoria Road and Clement Close areas, the group cleared up significant fly tipping, the ‘trolley hotline’ was contacted to remove three trolleys, old estate agent boards were discarded, residents were educated about recycling and one team member even brought a petrol lawnmower to cut a stranger’s overgrown grass. This was a united response to the Article 4 plans and went to show that landlords are responsible and do care about the areas in which our tenants live. Most landlords are also local residents and eager to find a solution.

Bob Leydon of Canterbury Student Landlords Forum, says:

“For the first time landlords and agents facing the prospect of additional regulation are exploring radical ways in which they can achieve, as a united forum, what no other student city has yet accomplished – a realistic solution. Simply because no solution has yet been found, does not mean one does not exist. Nor is there evidence that proposals to restrict numbers of renters in communities and to Licence third party landlords, will diminish the problems. Such distractions from the solution will merely compound the problems.

“Canterbury Student Landlords Forum is open to all members of the community to work together to improve the area. Cooperation, not confrontation or regulation, is seen as the way forward.”

This approach certainly seems to be working for now and the National Landlords Association wishes Canterbury Landlords Forum every luck in improving the look and atmosphere of the Canterbury community and resisting further regulation from the Council.


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