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We know that people want to live more sustainably and compassionately but often just want the support and information to enable them to do so. The vision of the Abbot’s Mill Project is a world where people live in harmony with their natural environment, with non-human animals and with each other. Our aim is to educate people about ways of doing that by providing positive examples and ideas and through providing an accessible and peaceful centre where everyone is welcome.

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We want to develop workshops, short courses and events to educate and inspire local people to live more sustainably and compassionately. The aim of the Abbot’s Mill Project is to develop an urban hub of sustainability and social justice, powered by renewable energy, mainly through reinstating a waterwheel into the River Stour in the centre of Canterbury. The hub will include an education centre about living in harmony with our environment and each other, a vegan café and a wildlife garden.

The series of workshops and events will start in August. They will be inclusive and accessible for all ages and abilities. They will include areas such as guerrilla gardening, protecting green spaces to encourage and protect wildlife, foraging and local food, renewable energy and generating your own power, re-using and recycling, conservation and biodiversity, thinking about the stuff we buy and use; woodcraft and other natural arts/crafts, campaigning for the environment and local community.

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'Fairer and more compassionate'. Promoting a sustainable way of life. Creating a better environment for future generations.

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