Donating unwanted items

Give items a new lease of life by reusing them. A large proportion of what we throw away can in fact be reused. By reusing or repairing items you can help reduce the amount of waste you produce.

Bio TekNik

Bio TekNik recycles redundant computer and electronic equipment. Working with the Environment Agency, they offer a safe and secure service to dispose of all your computer and electronic equipment and are fully compliant with the WEEE and RoHS directives, allowing us to fulfil your legal Duty of Care under both the Environmental and Data Protection Act.

Bio TekNik does not charge local businesses for collections within the Canterbury area and will issue a Certificate of Environmental Disposal and Data Destruction Compliance upon completion for your records.

Charity shops

You can take good quality unwanted items to your local charity shop.  For more information on your nearest charity shops and guidance on what they accept, please visit The Charity Retail Association.


Complete electrical recycling. EasyWEEE is the first national UK service to provide full WEEE recycling facilities with over 400 fully owned Local Collection Facilities (L.C.F.s).

PHS Maxitech

PHS Maxitech collects waste electrical and electronic equipment for processing at its London recycling centre. All equipment is processed in the UK, and PHS Maxitech aims to support community projects and charities by donating funds and equipment where it’s most needed.


Don’t bin it – post it on Freecycle – an online service run by volunteers and is free to join and free to use. Freecycle Canterbury website encourages members to recycle their unwanted items instead of breaking them down to take to local tips where they subsequently may end up in harmful landfill sites.  The items are quite possibly reusable by one of our charity partners or another member of the site. It is a free service that allows members to list unwanted items for charities to claim if they wish.

Necessary Furniture

If you have unwanted but usable furniture (and bicycles) then contact Necessary Furniture. In most cases, for large furniture or white goods, they will collect free of charge.

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