The Lord Mayor of Canterbury for 2015-16 is Councillor Sally Waters

Although I was born in London, I moved to east Kent before my second birthday and grew up in and around Folkestone and Hythe. After school and college, my working life with the Church Army took me to South Devon and then to Leeds in Yorkshire.

I have lived in Canterbury for 22 years – the longest I have lived anywhere! But how did I get here?

My first husband, who was a vicar, sadly died just three years into our marriage, and our son Charles was offered a place at St. Edmund’s School by the Clergy Orphan Corporation. He took up his place as a boarder when he was seven years old and just one year later I was offered the post of Deputy Warden at Jesus Hospital, one of the ancient almshouses of the city, so I moved back home to Kent from Yorkshire.

Canterbury has become very much my home and it has been an honour and a pleasure to involve myself with many of the initiatives and charities that are based here. Currently, I am involved with All Saints’ Church in Military Road, the Canterbury Street Pastors, The Association of Men of Kent and Kentish Men, Canterbury Community in Bloom, The Northgate Ward Community Centre and the Canterbury and District Over 60s Community Service.

I became involved in local politics when I met my second husband Robert, who had been involved with the Conservative Party for many years. I stood for election for the council in 2007 and won a seat in the Northgate Ward. During my four years I had the great honour of being the Sheriff of Canterbury. I lost the seat in 2011, but continued my involvement with the council as Lord Mayor’s Chaplain in 2011-12 and then as Lady Mayoress, when Robert was Lord Mayor in 2012-13.

On May 7 2015, I was successful in winning a seat in St. Stephen’s Ward, and just two weeks later was elected as Lord Mayor.

It is a great honour to serve the city and district, and I look forward to meeting many people during the year, and seeing first hand all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make our district the wonderful place it is to live in, work in and visit.

The charities that will be supported by the Lady Mayoress’ Charity committee are Street Pastors (Canterbury, Herne Bay and Whitstable) and Action on Hearing Loss (formerly known as RNID).

The role of the Lord Mayor

The Lord Mayoralty is the highest office which the district council can bestow.

The Lord Mayor is elected annually from among the Councillors and is the “first citizen” of the District as well as the official representative of the Crown.

In effect, this means that anywhere within the District, the Lord Mayor of Canterbury takes precedence over all others except for Royalty or the Lord Lieutenant of the County (if representing HM the Queen).

Apart from these duties the Lord Mayor plays a big part in community of Canterbury, where they are often involved in a variety of historical, ceremonial and charitable activities.

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