Public Display of Planning Material with Reference to Mountfield Park

(South Canterbury-4,000 houses and other developments proposed)

The Parish Council has received a lot of paperwork from Canterbury City Council planning department associated with the proposed development in South Canterbury known as Mountfield Park. Proposed changes to the road layout to the north of Bridge and a new junction on the A2 (both shown in the display) are likely to cause a lot of interest to Bridge residents.

The Parish Council is very grateful to Canon Lloyd and Laurence Dunderdale of Bridge Parish Church for their agreement to allow the Parish Council to use the rear of the church as a venue to display this information. Villagers can access the display from Thursday 31 March until 21 April 2016. The display will be available every day from approx 8.30 am to 5.30p.m.

The Parish Council response to the proposals will be an agenda item at the Parish Council meeting on 14 April at 7.30 in the Village Hall. Written responses to the proposals from villagers will be collated by the Parish Clerk prior to the Parish Council meeting on 14 April. Please send them to or by post to 47 High St, Bridge CT4 5JZ.Villagers are reminded that their representations should also be sent to Canterbury City Council planning department (Military Rd, Canterbury CT1 1YW) quoting reference CA/16/00600/OUT.

Watch this space to see if it proves possible to offer other viewing times for the display.

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One thought on “Public Display of Planning Material with Reference to Mountfield Park

  1. Alan Barber

    Even a new Park and Ride and a fast bus route could not possibly cope with the increased pressure of people from 4,000 homes trying to get into the city centre, particularly during rush hours. Whatever the route taken by these and the extra cars, they would still have to feed into the grossly inadequate ring road at some point. Traffic is already often at a standstill in busy periods. Some more housing, particularly affordable homes, is obviously needed in the area, but an historic city like Canterbury cannot support a scheme as large as this, extending it to twice its current size.


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