General Election Guide: Stuart Jeffery (Green Party)

As a guide to who’s standing for the general election in Canterbury we’re profiling each of the candidates in their own words. In no particular order, we continue with the Green Party’s Stuart Jeffery….

In Canterbury, you only have one choice for an MP who puts both people and the environment at the heart of politics, the Green Party’s Stuart Jeffery.

Better still, Stuart can win here. Last year, across the constituency the Green Party recorded 14% of the vote, well ahead of the Lib Dems and neck and neck with Labour who do not consider Canterbury as one of their target seats.

Stuart has lived in Kent all his life and studied at Canterbury Christ Church University for five years. A qualified nurse and currently a NHS manager, Stuart cares deeply about both the people and the environment here in Canterbury and Whitstable. Please elect him to be your next MP.

Whether it is holding the bankers to account for the fall in living standards since 2008 rather than the immigrants or…

…being the only party opposed to fracking,
…or being the only party calling for the renationalisation of our railways,
…or being the only party opposed to TTIP,
…or the only party that opposed to privatisation of the NHS,
…or the only party fighting for a more equal society,
…or being the only party that gets the environment,

our policies have been shown repeatedly to be the most sensible and most popular with the public.

The Greens have the right policies for the future with people in Canterbury putting us well ahead of other parties. The results of the ‘Vote for Policies’ poll across the constituency shows that Green Party is miles ahead of the other parties when people vote on policies rather than parties. Take the test yourself and see why you should be voting Green in 2015.

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