General Election Guide: Hugh Lanning (Labour)

As a guide to who’s standing for the general election in Canterbury we’re profiling each of the candidates in their own words. We start, in no particular order, with Labour’s Hugh Lanning….

I have been a Labour Party member since the early 1970’s, and for 20 years I was a senior official of PCS – the Public and Commercial Services union, most recently as Deputy General Secretary. My trade union career has given me a broad range of experience inside and outside the particular union I worked for. Working internationally I have encountered different, cultures, and ways of working. I am committed to a multi-cultural society. I was elected Vice Chair of Unite Against Fascism in 2012 and I am Chair of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

The aim of the Tory Party is nothing less than the destruction of the welfare state – selling off our health and education systems for profit. As part of this government the Liberal Democrats are at it too – selling off the Royal Mail at a loss of more than £700 million. A free market can no more run the NHS, schools or higher education than it was capable of building flood defences. There should be no more privatisation of our public services. Our health and education systems should be organised around us. The needs of the people using the services should come first. Instead, the people are being organised to fit the commercial needs of the services.

Having lived in the constituency for 19 years, I know what a great place it is – rich and diverse in culture, history and landscape. For me politics is about making life better for the people you represent.

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