Safe Cycle Route between South Canterbury and Bridge

Bridge and Patrixbourne CEP school is populated by many children from South Canterbury, most of whom arrive at school each day by car or on the school contract bus. Many parents with children at the school have expressed a desire to be able to cycle to school, and some already do, but several are put off by the condition of the road they would be riding on.

The road is busy with cars often travelling over the speed limit, and the road is peppered with potholes, making a cyclist’s journey even more dangerous and with the risk of incurring a puncture or – in an extreme case – being thrown off their bike. The state of the road makes cycling unnecessarily hazardous and daunting for less experienced cyclists.We would like to impress upon Canterbury City Council the urgent need for a safe, smoother cycle route between Canterbury and the village of Bridge, with a separate lane for cycles, so that more people may travel easily without a car on this route.

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