Our Lovely New Venue

Well, it has certainly been a while since my last blog post. Here’s why.

The following snaps are the ‘before’, ‘during’ and ‘after’ photos of our move to Burgate. A lot of crazy-hard work went on during December 2015 to get the new cafe designed, built and up and running. It took a lot of planning…designing and re-designing the tiny space into a fully workable cafe, kitchen and store room – all in one!

It’s amazing what you can fit into a space when pushed. The main issue was the lack of store-room. When you cook everything from scratch, as we do at the cafe, you need a lot of space to store bulky ingredients. We found some wonderful gravity dispensers for storing our beans, lentils, grains, nuts and seeds – they all take up a lot of space when left in sacks so these were a beautiful solution. The work surfaces also double up as fridges and freezers – we need a lot of those to store our extraordinary salads, cakes and specials as well as our fresh veg which is delivered weekly from a local, organic farm. The large, comfy bench that runs along the wall is actually also a storage bench for all our compostable food packaging and other things.

It was quite a change from our spacious premises above the old Canterbury Wholefoods shop, but we’ve managed to fit all the important things in and we are really pleased with the end result. We will keep on tweaking things as we grown and change and we hope you all love the changes as much as we do!

Because of the smaller space, we also decided to change our service style. We have always classed ourselves as a cafe rather than a restaurant, so display counters rather than table service was the perfect solution. Feedback so far has been fantastic.

The service is faster now and as an added bonus, our customers get to choose anything they want from our fabulous salad display to go with their specials. It’s so nice to be able to sample a bit of everything alongside your bean burger/quiche/bake of the day…hummus, pesto, harissa, sauerkraut, seeds etc as well as our delicious seasonal, salads and raw ‘slaws.

We also open every day now and serve breakfast until 11. So come along for the ‘big breakfast box’,  some spicy ‘eggs in purgatory’ or home made granola with hot or cold cow/soy/almond milk.

See you soon, Liz x

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