Successful ‘Clean for the Queen’ event

Over 50 sacks of litter were collected during a community litter-picking event on Saturday morning in Kingsmead.  The event was organised by the Friends of Kingsmead Field and Canterbury Society as part of the ‘Clean for the Queen’ campaign which is being run by Keep Britain Tidy to clean up the country in honour of the Queen’s 90th birthday.



Approximately 40 volunteers took part in the Kingsmead Spring Clean, clearing litter from the car parks of the Kingsmead Leisure Centre, the Surestart Centre and the Riverside Youth Centre, as well as from Kingsbrook Park, the riverside footpaths, Kingsmead Road, Broad Oak Road, St Stephen’s Road and the fringes of Kingsmead Field.

The mayor, Cllr Sally Waters, and her escort, Robert Waters, cleared litter from the beech hedge along Kingsmead Road, while Canterbury’s MP, Julian Brazier, put on waders to clear litter from the river Stour.
The event concluded with coffee and cakes on Kingsmead Field.  Speaking after the litter-pick, Alan Baldock, councillor for Northgate ward, said:
‘The Friends of Kingsmead Field do a great job in keeping the field clean, so it was a good idea to split up into teams and tackle the litter in the surrounding areas.  We all had a lot of fun in the process and enjoyed some delicious cakes afterwards to reward us for our hard work.  The Queen really missed a treat!  We hope to do a further event later this month to complete areas which we were unable to finish.’

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