Westgate Gardens landscaping works

Butterflies and insects will be catered for as landscape design work gets underway in Canterbury City Council’s popular Westgate Gardens this week. The latest project is part of the improvement works funded by the Heritage Lottery ‘Parks for People’ project.

Ranked #2 best attraction in Canterbury on Trip Advisor, the garden team is constantly looking at new projects to enhance the jewel in Canterbury’s crown.

Several flower beds and pathways will be re-configured to improve views throughout the gardens and provide a park landscape which is more in keeping with the original designs when Tower House was a private residence.

Under the guidance of Canterbury City Council’s Landscape Architect and Urban Designer Anthony Dance, the planting and improvements will continue throughout late September and October. Visitors can look out for the planting project at the far end of the gardens opposite the Canterbury Umbrella Centre and also by the Second World War Burma and Italian campaigns memorials.

Westgate Parks Development Officer Anna Bell said: “We apologise in advance for any disruption caused by the works to visitors to the gardens in the coming weeks but we hope you can see a huge improvement for both people and wildlife.”

Existing flower beds will be refurbished to include insect and butterfly friendly plants including verbena and foxgloves. Many of the plants will be attractive to butterflies and bees with long, overlapping flower periods to provide interest from spring to autumn.

Please click here for plans: Planting areas A and B, Planting areas C and E, Planting areas D and F and Planting area G.

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The exciting Westgate Parks project involves numerous public bodies, community groups, businesses and educational establishments working together to make a difference. If you want to get involved you can join the scores of organisations that are already Friends of Westgate Parks. At the very least you will be kept up to date with how the project is progressing.

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